Online dental training and resources for Health and Social Care Practitioners, Dental Professionals, Schools,  Health Visitors, School Nurses and others who work with adults and children on a regular basis. 
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Oral health has an important role in the general health and well-being of us all, having a clean and healthy mouth is fundamental to everyones quality of life. This website provides online dental training and resources aimed at specific client groups: Resources for Schools- Designed to work well in the class room on the white board. This pack compliments our resource boxes and is full of information and activities with learning outcomes for KS1 and KS2. Children 0-16 Dental Training- is aimed at all those who work with or care for children. Covering areas from teething to tooth decay. Health Care Dental Training- is aimed at those who work with, support or care for adults such as those who are vulnerable, in residential care or supported living and covers general dental health, denture care, toothbrushing and brush adaptations and palative care. MECC Training-  This Making Every Contact Count Training is aimed at dental practices but the concept can be utilised by all who come into contact with people daily . This training provides all the necessary competancies and skills to support behaviour change and ultimately encourage others to adopt a healther lifestyle.  
Meet the OHP Team 
Joanne Nejrup RDN FDSc  Oral Health Promoter  Based at Cleethorpes Primary Care Centre 
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Rosemary Lowrie RDN   Oral Health Promoter   Based at Ashby Dental Clinic in Scunthorpe
Tracy Yarborough RDN   Oral Health Promoter  Based at Cromwell Road Primary Care Centre in Grimsby
Resourses for Schools
Pat Melilo RDN   Oral Health Promoter  Based at Ashby Dental Clinic in Scunthorpe
We have resource boxes that can be loaned out from the Oral Health Teams. They have been organised into KS1 and KS2 and include dental models, books, large brushing motivation puppet, sandtimer to show how long to brush teeth for, games and much more.   We also have other items available full catologue will be added to site ASAP Please contact the appropriate Oral Health Promoter for more information.
Your local Oral Health Promotion team produce Dental Health Update  twice a year. The aim is to provide updates on the teams programmes   and share information to other health and social care providers to enable us to work along side one another to improve dental health at a local level.
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If you have any particular topics that you would like us to cover or items of interest that you would like to share with the OHP team please contact us via email.  
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